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STYRO STONE MISSION STATEMENT: To organize and implement the supply of a high quality eco-friendly building system at a cost effective price. To supply ongoing customer support and training to ensure the successfull construction of the project.

STYRO STONE is the registered trade mark for stones made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), commonly known as styrofoam as in styrofoam cup, which when used as a lost shuttering system, provide an extremely economic and environmentally friendly method of wall construction. The resulting wall combines robust construction with very high insulation values.

STYRO STONES can be used by professionals or self builders, for super-fast erection of

domestic housing, industrial buildings or swimming pools. Video: Wall and Floor - One Pour

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The walls of an average detached bungalow can be erected by 3-4 well-trained people in one day.

The U-values of a finished Styro Stone wall range from around 0,29 down to lower than 0,099. By using a configuration of the VIB stone with any standard stone StyroStone can provide an insulation value that supersedes all LABC standards and out performs Passive House requirements. Styro Stones are available in "plain" EPS and Neopor, which can be considered as EPS with even better values for thermal insulation

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