These photos show a recent build near Cardiff in South Wales, where the client (a complete novice to construction) allowed StyroStone to use his self-build as an "on site training venue".

Client Kevin Halborg was keen to be involved in as much of the construction of his self-build as possible and was more than happy for others to attend and assist in the building of his eco-friendly home.

Over a period of 11 days (not consecutive), the house shell, including StyroStone first floor was constructed using contractors of no previous experience in P.I.F.'s (permanent insulated formwork).

Also in attendance were lecturer's from the Local College of Further Education - Building Skills department, who commentated that they would still be in the building industry if they had discovered this system years' ago!

The property is now roofed in and ready for finishing, and Kevin is already hunting for a plot for his next StyroStone project! More photos will follow soon...