6 storeys in Kunshan

Kunshan is a 1,5 hour ride from Shanghai.

In cooperation with the university and the regional government of Nanjing a 6 storey-building is under construction. It serves our chinese partners as a study for the construction possibilities with Styro Stone.

Styro Stone is at the same time learning a lot from their chinese partners on how to adapt the system to the particular demands of the chinese market and technical specifications.

The building is calculated for earthquake class 7 on the Richter scale.


The preparations and calculations took place in the university of Nanjing


Jack, sales manager for Styro Stone China and Timo Jutzi interviewed by chinese experts


Special care and precision are necessary for a safe construction and for success


Sales manager Jack on site


Using the special advantages of the corner stone for reinforcement placement


The particular strong reinforcement to ensure seismic resistence demands certain adaptions on how to work and the development of new techniques by Styro Stone


The advantageous application of end-pieces can be used everywhere


Finishing the second storey allows to shift into routine and the Chinese can show the Europeans the advantages of a bamboo scaffold

interior view

Earthquakeproofness needs additional columns

3. floor

4. floor

5. floor

6. floor

Finished house